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Terms and Conditions

The company earnestly desires to provide MAHEK fan completely free from any manufacturing defects ... All the components used in manufacturing the fans are of standard quality ... YET the company provides "2 YEARS WARRANTY" on coil manufactured by the company ...


  1. This Warranty will commence from the date of purchase invoice.
  2. This Warranty is available in India and to first purchaser of the Product only.
  3. To avail Warranty services, customer should apply in Customer’s Service section on the Services page of the website or click CLAIM tab below or contact the respective retailer/dealer from whom he has purchased his Product and must present original purchase invoice and wherever possible, the original Warranty Certificate (duly signed and stamped by the Selling Dealer).
  4. If it is determined by the retailer/dealer that the Product has any manufacturing defect, than retailer/dealer will apply for Dealer’s Service section on the Services page of the website for repair or replace of the defective Product.
  5. Warranty of repaired or replaced Product shall thereafter continue only for the unexpired period of Warranty. Defective Product shall be duly returned to the Company or Service Center and will be property of the Company.
  6. In the event of any unforeseeable circumstance same Product or Product with similar design is not available, Product will be replaced with an equivalent model available at that time.
  7. It is clarified that Company will not be responsible to the customer for any economic loss, commercial loss, consequential or resulting liability, damage to the property or any other harm or loss to the customer.

The above warranty is not applicable on following conditions :- 


  1. If customer violates warranty terms and conditions, instruction and installation guidelines or operates the Product otherwise than as per Product specifications.

  2. If the serial number affixed on the Product is damaged, erased or tampered with or if Product is refurbished/modified by any other unauthorized person before sending / bringing it to the company or service center.

  3. If the Product is used for any commercial purpose.

  4. Any harm caused due to accident, negligence, improper maintenance etc., mishandling, tampering, incurred in transit by the customer or which can be attributed to the fault of the customer.

  5. Any harm resulting from any unforeseeable circumstances such as force majeure event etc.

  6. Any harm caused due to any defect in any electrical/civil installation(s), wiring or third party products.

  7. If the Product is operated in conditions otherwise than normal conditions (e.g., abnormal voltage surge, extreme environmental conditions (Water leakage / seepage from wall / ceiling).

  8. In absence of warranty card and invoive , the fan will be considered out of warranty and the services would be chargeable.

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